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prevention brochures & slicks

NEW!!! 2-Sided Parent Slicks

To view a preview or download any of these brochures simply click on the picture of the brochure you wish to see.

Shaken Baby Syndrome & Parent Pledge

A quick overview of the dangers of Shaken Baby Syndrome and how to prevent it.

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How Well Do You Know Your Lover?

Parents believe their children will be safe at home; make sure those around them pass the test.

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Domestic Violence and Children

Children are often aware of abuse in the home and may show signs they are hurting.

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Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

One of the most under-reported forms of abuse can often leave no physical signs.

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Childhood Trauma

& ACEs

When trauma is experienced in childhood, it can have life-long effects.

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Adverse Childhood Experiences Poster

An overview of what ACEs are

and how to build resilience.

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Professional Development Brochures

To view a preview or download any of these brochures simply click on the picture of the brochure you wish to see.

Shaking A Baby Can Be Deadly

An overview of Shaken Baby Syndrome and tips to help caregivers calm a crying baby.

The Effects of Domestic Violence

on Children

Understanding the warning signs and basic skills to help children who have been exposed to domestic violence.

How Well Do You Know Your Lover?

A checklist and tips to identify how relationships can impact the safety of children.

Today's Children,

Tomorrow's Future

What everyone can do to prevent

and respond to child abuse.

Child Sexual Abuse: Raising Awareness & Protecting Children

Know the signs & symptoms of child sexual abuse, how to respond, and how to help prevent it in your family and community.

Substance Abuse and Families

An overview of the impact of substance abuse on families and how to respond.

Spanish Language Versions Available!

Professional Development Brochures

2-Sided Parent Slicks

To order literature, please download the form below. You can send this completed form to us by mail or by email to Prevent Child Abuse Illinois brochures, slicks, and posters are available throughout Illinois at no or low cost. Order up to 200 Brochures / Parent Slicks per title per quarter for free (shipping and handling charges will apply). For pricing and to order larger quantities call our office at 217-522-1129.

Prevent Child Abuse Illinois

528 S. Fifth Street; Suite #211

Springfield, IL. 62701


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