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PCA ILLINOIS LONG RANGE strategic PLAN 2020-2023

We believe every child deserves a great childhood. And we all have a role to play.

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The Prevent Child Abuse Illinois Board of Directors and staff, in developing and adopting this Long Range Strategic Plan, are making a commitment to being actively involved in its implementing, in developing timelines, and in monitoring the progress of each of its goals and strategies. The plan focuses specifically on those areas of organizational development and excellence which will move us further toward achievement of our overall mission and vision. As such it addresses growing the organizational reach of our programs and services, engaging new partners in our efforts, and securing fiscal viability for our future.


Education and Public Awareness

To lessen the prevalence and harm of child abuse and neglect by providing high quality public awareness, education, and training programs throughout Illinois.

  • Provide high quality primary prevention through training, education, and public awareness materials throughout Illinois.

  • Maintain an educational social media and online presence through use of our website and popular social media platforms.

  • Maintain a team of exceptional trainers and program developers.

  • Maintain and promote a low-cost literature distribution program.

  • Review and update trainings, public awareness materials, and informational brochures for best practice and current trends on an annual basis.

  • Provide an annual high caliber statewide 2-day conference.

  • Provide statewide leadership for and promote the expansion of April Child Abuse Prevention month recognition and activities including the Pinwheels for Prevention campaign.

  • Continue to identify and target high-risk communities for training and public awareness outreach.

  • Develop and utilize evaluation tools such as the Program Dashboard to track and review program outcomes.


Support For Community Initiatives

To strengthen and grow our commitment to support community initiatives, create strong networks, and maintain positive productive relationships.

  • Maintain and support a network of local Child Abuse Prevention Coalitions throughout Illinois.

  • Provide staff support to maintain and grow an infrastructure of home visitation services throughout Illinois.

  • Monitor and share information, new developments, and resources regarding current child welfare issues.

  • Participate on community and statewide child welfare focused teams, taskforces, workgroups and committees such as the Illinois Child Death Review Teams, the Home Visiting Taskforce, DCFS/SUPR collaboratives, Local Area Networks and many more.

  • Participate in and host community events across the state to establish, build, and maintain positive relationships with community members.

  • Utilize state, community, and organizational data reports to identify and target high-risk communities.

  • Identify and utilize community involvement and professional contacts to identify needs and provide a path for services within targeted high-risk communities.

  • Increase internal communication between staff to share resources, unique projects, important contacts, and other capacity building information.



To continue to build our capacity to advocate for the safety and wellbeing of Illinois children through partnerships with key advocacy organizations.

  • Continue to dedicate staff time for child and family advocacy work.

  • Stay current on key child welfare, family, and caregiving issues.

  • Maintain contact with key advocacy organizations including DCFS, DHS, Voices, The Ounce, Children’s Home + Aid, Illinois Partners for Human Services, and more.

  • Continue to hold an annual advocacy call with key advocacy organizations to facilitate networking, share information, and update board and staff on advocacy issues.

  • Develop and disseminate an annual Prevent Child Abuse Illinois Advocacy Issues statement.

  • Support key advocacy organizations and issues through sharing of emails, providing witness slips, attending advocacy events, and meeting with legislators.


Capacity Building / Financial Stability

To ensure the long-term viability of the organization through successful fundraising, increased visibility and marketing, positive messaging, and by maintaining financial stability.

  • Increase the visibility of PCA Illinois through social media, public awareness and other targeted marketing campaigns.

  • Grow the data base by 10% each year.

  • Grow our donor base 10% each year.

  • Plan, implement and grow a premier fundraising event annually.

  • Plan and implement ongoing secondary fundraising events such as year-end giving, Giving Tuesday, Pinwheels for Prevention and more.

  • Develop a coordinated agency marketing plan.

  • Develop and implement a plan for creating and sustaining a reserve fund.

  • Develop and implement a plan to lessen our dependency on state grants.

  • Maintain and grow our unrestricted funds.


Premier Work Place

To cultivate an organization dedicated to respect, development, and appreciation of staff members.

  • Maintain and build positive working relationships between the PCA Illinois Board of Directors and staff to show appreciation, demonstrate investment, and create an involved, motivating culture.

  • Continue to provide a work environment that fosters a balance between work and personal life.

  • Maintain competitive salaries for all staff.

  • Maintain and hire high-quality staff which promotes a supportive team environment.

  • Provide staff with time and resources for professional development.

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