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SESSION D: Friday, October 14

10:15am - 11:15am

Key: ++ Home Visiting Track

D1 - “Multidisciplinary Approach to Evaluation of Child

Det. Jennifer Hillgoth, BACJ Det. Jennifer Hillgoth, BACJ

Dr. Melissa Manrique, MD Deputy Director, Child and Adolescent Services

This presentation will provide a case-based approach, demonstrating a collaboration of disciplines as they identify injuries, discuss the medical findings and evaluation, and review critical components of police investigations concerning child abuse.

++ D2 - “WOMBSS - Wrapping (Integrating) low-risk
Obstetric services for Moms and Babies in St. Clair
and Surrounding counties”

Deja Finley, Pharm.D. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Pharmacy

Wrapping (Integrating) low-risk Obstetric services for Moms and Babies in St. Clair and Surrounding counties, is a Quality Improvement initiative created to reform the standard prenatal course, by incorporating and implementing a level of additional support, already backed by current state legislation, (Title IX. Maternal and Infant Mortality; Article 175; House Bill 158). This workshop will help others identify and implement best practices for moms and babies.

D3 - “Roots of Compassion”

Brittney Hale Program Assistant, Prevent Child Abuse Illinois & Co-Founder, Creating Compassionate Communities

Mary Beth Long Kindness Champion & Co-founder, Creating Compassionate Communities

Participants will explore the difference between sympathy, empathy, and compassion; identify the intersection of empathy, self compassion, and self-care; learn the importance of implementing and sustaining self-compassion; and see how self-compassion impacts one personally and professionally.

++ D4 - “Drug Use in Pregnancy: The Newborn Infant”

Ira J Chasnoff, MD. President, NTI Upstream

Over one million children in this country per year are delivered to women who have used alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, or illicit drugs during pregnancy. This program will explore factors that impact the newborn from both a medical and a neurobehavioral perspective. Special attention will be paid to the effects of marijuana use during pregnancy on neonatal outcome.

++ D5 - “A Doula’s Role in the Black Maternal and Infant
Health Crisis”

Charity S. Bean Full Spectrum Doula, Black Maternal and Infant Health Advocate, Student RN

Kyra Betts Full Spectrum Doula, Black Maternal and Infant Health Advocate, Lactation Counselor, Childbirth Educator

This workshop will explain who doulas are; how they contribute to creating better birth outcomes by educating, supporting, advocating, and empowering birthing families; and why doulas are not the solution to the current maternal health crisis, but a huge factor that can help change outcomes. To truly defeat the current crisis, we must start within the maternal health system and break down systemic racism that has led us here.

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