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SESSION C: Thursday, October 14

3:15pm - 4:30pm

Key: ++ Home Visiting Track

C1 - “Childhood Neglect Prevention: Exploring the Basics” WORKSHOP SUBSTITUTION

Jill Duden Prevention Specialist, Prevent Child Abuse Illinois

Please note this workshop is a substitute for "Shaming the Blaming Game."

Reports of childhood neglect account for 75% of all calls to the Child Abuse Hotline, and yet this topic is often misunderstood and hard to define. Childhood neglect can impact physical and mental health and lead to long-term problems, so join us as we learn more about this important topic. Participants will learn about the different types of neglect, risk factors and consequences of neglect on children, as well as protective factors and effective prevention strategies.

C2 - “Parenting Again: The Journey Known as Grandparenting”

Nancy J. Phillips Coordinator, Illinois Family Resource Center

Substance-use issues create the need for a non-parent family member to assume responsibility for caring for children, with grandparents typically filling the role. Whether short term or long term, this dynamic can cause stress for grandparents as they navigate grief, concern for loved ones, and more. Participants will explore emotional and financial support services that are available, discover ways for taking care of health and wellness, and learn how to create a fun and rewarding “grandfamily” environment.

C3 - “Using Evidence-Based Practices to Improve Children’s Social-Emotional and Behavioral Well-Being"

Mary Ratliff Program Director, Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority

Fernanda Gonzalez Research Analyst, Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority

Stephanie Nguyen Research Analyst, Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority

Presenters will describe how evidence-based practices can be used to improve the social-emotional and behavioral well-being of young children exposed to violence. Different screening and assessment tools used by the Illinois Safe From the Start program, an evidence-based intervention for young child victims and their caregivers, to measure client outcomes will be highlighted. Presenters will also compare different treatment modalities that have been linked to improved child well-being.

C4 - “Collaboration Across Systems to Combat Sex

Victoria Davis Jones, MA, MSW Statewide Human Trafficking Prevention Program Manager, Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

Dr. Kisha Roberts Tabb Special Population Program Manager, Cook County Juvenile Probation

This workshop will demonstrate how systems (child welfare, juvenile court, law enforcement, Children’s Advocacy Centers and families) can and should work together to address a youth’s involvement in sex trafficking.

++ C5 - “The NEAR@Home Experience"

Elaine Duensing, M.A., L.P.C. Senior Program Advisor, NEAR@Home Facilitator, Start Early

Fernanda Gonzalez Supervisor, Family Focus Aurora Healthy Families Program

Melissa Vargas Family Support Specialist, Family Focus Aurora Healthy Families Program

Carolina Ortega Family Support Specialist and Group Coordinator, Family Focus Aurora Healthy Families Program

The most powerful people for reducing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) scores in the next generation are parents. But parents must know about ACEs and their effects to realize this potential. Home visitors are uniquely positioned to talk with parents about ACEs because home visiting is relationship based, occurs within each family’s comfort zone, and starts early in the parenting experience. Join us for a panel discussion on the NEAR@Home Program, a resource for home visitors to respectfully and effectively address ACEs with families.

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