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SESSION B: Thursday, October 13

1:45pm - 3:00pm

Key: ++ Home Visiting Track

B1 - “Good Grief?"

Julia Marynus, R.N., B.A., LNC Maternal Child Health Consultant, Stephenson County Health Department

This workshop begins with a review of The Stages of Grief then moves into an interactive discussion on what constitutes a loss with a focus on loss of autonomy and other identifiers during the COVID pandemic. We will reflect on coping skills used by families and support workers and explore how that might affect families and workers long term.

B2 - “Roots of Compassion"

Brittney Hale Program Assistant, Prevent Child Abuse Illinois & Co-Founder, Creating Compassionate Communities

Mary Beth Long Kindness Champion & Co-founder, Creating Compassionate Communities

Participants will explore the difference between sympathy, empathy, and compassion; identify the intersection of empathy, self compassion, and self-care; learn the importance of
implementing and sustaining self-compassion; and see how self-compassion impacts one personally and professionally.

B3 - “Systemic Resilience Among LGBTQIA+ Youth,
Families and Communities"

Gary Pate, LCSW Senior Trainer, YouthCare

This workshop will explore resilience from the unique perspective of LGBTQIA+ youth, their relationships with caregivers, and the communities in which they live. Specific attention will be given to the relationship between resilience and resistance. Unlike their heterosexual and cisgender peers, youth in this community have to navigate discrimination, marginalization and oppression. Family rejection and acceptance of LGBTQIA+ youth will be addressed, as well as identifying community resources.

++ B4 - “Trauma-informed Parent Engagement: Promoting
Resilience Through Caregiving"

Worsham El Trauma Therapist & Consultant, CEO, Lotus Trauma Care, LLC

Professionals working with teens and children need to be able to recognize and respond to the challenges experienced by parents and families for the successful promotion of resiliency, motivation, and change. This interactive presentation will enhance professionals’ trauma-informed care and parent engagement skills.

B5 - “Interrupting Intergenerational Cycles of Trauma”

Alisha Foster, LCSW Arrowleaf

An individual’s personal trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) not only impacts themselves but also impacts future generations. This workshop will focus on developing a deeper understanding of ACEs and trauma and its impact on parental emotional regulation and possible disruption of the parent-child relationship. This workshop will also identify safeguards and interventions for building individual resiliency.

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