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SESSION F: Wednesday, November 18

1:00pm - 2:00pm

F1 - “The Voices of Youth and Young Adults”

The Youth Advisory Board

The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) will give an overview of YAB and its function highlighting what being part of the board has meant to them on a personal level. Board leaders will further discuss systemic issues amongst youth in care, identifying some of the greatest challenges for youth in care and possible solutions to those barriers. Youth will also address what they would want service providers to know when working with children, youth, and families in care. Time will be allowed for questions at the end of the presentation.

F2 - “Moving from Procedure to Practice: A Statewide Child Protection Training Model”

Betsy Goulet DPA

Amy Wheeler LCSW

Through a partnership with the IL Department of Children and Family Services the University of Illinois Springfield developed a model for simulation training for the Illinois Child Protection workforce.  In nearly 4 years this evidence-based model has trained over 800 investigators and has expanded to other child welfare professionals.

*F3 - “Strengthening Bonding and Attachment through Yoga and Mindfulness Activities”

Nicole Holliday Family Support Specialist, Birth Doula, Perinatal Mood Disorder Counselor, Trained Certified Yoga Teacher/Yoga Therapist

In this session you will be given a handful of mindfulness/yoga activities to do on home visits with parents and children from pregnancy to age 3. Learn how breathing, meditation and yoga poses used as parent/child interactions strengthen and support bonding and attachment. Demonstration and hands on learning will be key in this session. Handouts will be provided. Let’s move!

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