SESSION A: Thursday, October 14

11:00am - 12:15pm

A1 - “I Feel You: Understanding Empathy and The Phenomenon Known as Empathy Gap”

Eric Bailey Motivational Speaker and Author

Why is it so difficult to understand certain people? Why is it so easy to debate with others? In this session, which will build off of Eric M. Bailey’s keynote, we will discuss the brain science of empathy and why we, as empathetic people, are growing farther and farther apart as a society.

A2 - “Human Trafficking: The Risk within Child Welfare”

Cindy Downey, MPA National Trainer

This training will provide an understanding human trafficking. Attendees will be able to identify indicators that someone might be experiencing human trafficking and how to report the situation to the appropriate authority. We will review risk factors as well as high risk populations.

A3 - “Racism as a Toxic Stressor for Families: What can Home Visitors Do About It?”

Hannah Jones-Lewis, LCSW Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist, Start Early

Brianna Wright, LSW Program Coordinator, Posen-Robbins School District 143.5

Information on different types of stress, how racism can be viewed within the lens of toxic stress, as well as some relationship-based strategies for home visitors in supporting families will be considered. Recent research on toxic stress, inequity, racism, and early childhood development will be used to support understanding of concepts. Home visitors will be asked to consider the role their relationships play in supporting children and families experiencing racism and stress.

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