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Child Abuse Prevention Coalitions
Get Involved in Preventing Abuse

A Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Coalition brings together community members, social service providers, civic organizations, parents, school personnel, law enforcement, health care providers, individuals and others interested in preventing child abuse and neglect and promoting healthy communities. CAP Coalitions bring awareness events and training opportunities to local communities.

Each coalition operates on a local level to provide education, raise public awareness, and maximize resources.  Members of a coalition work collaboratively to assess community need and respond to current situations. By linking all of the CAP Coalitions we are able to build a statewide network dedicated to supporting children and families.  The network serves as a resource to share a clear message,  distribute prevention information, and effect lasting change.  Everyone can support the prevention of child abuse and neglect by getting involved in their local CAP Coalition. Prevent Child Abuse Illinois is proud to present the elements of its statewide campaign, designed to draw attention to child abuse prevention.


Benefits of Being Part of a CAP Coalition:

  • Statewide support network

  • Access to Prevent Child Abuse Illinois Trainings and Materials

  • Enhanced Grant Writing Capabilities as a result of being part of a collaborative effort

  • Reduced PCA Illinois Conference Fee Registration

  • Technical Assistance

Find a Child Abuse Prevention Coalition Near You
Simply click on the region of the state you are interested in to contact the coordinator
Are you interested in STARTING a Coalition in your area?
Contact Rachel Chruszczyk to get started!
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