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Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Trainings

PCA Illinois offers a training that teaches participants how to prevent child sexual abuse. The training provides an overview of the facts, signs and symptoms, how to respond, and how to prevent child sexual abuse from happening. This training is for parents, professionals, and anyone who wants to learn how to better protect children.

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Darkness to Light is a non-profit committed to empowering adults to prevent child sexual abuse. They offer multiple trainings over various topics related to child sexual abuse, and PCA Illinois staff are certified facilitators of these programs:

  1. Stewards of Children: Darkness to Light’s flagship, evidence-informed prevention training to help adults prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. The training is two hours and features survivor stories, experts in the field, and other concerned individuals all providing practical guidance to prevent child sexual abuse.​​

  2. Recognizing & Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect: This training teaches you to recognize indicators of sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. In this one-hour training, you will learn the legal obligations as a mandated reporter defined by your state.

  3. Healthy Touch for Children and Youth: In just 30 minutes learn guidelines for healthy touch and safe, respectful ways to interact with children at home and in youth serving settings. You will also learn about healthy sexual development in order to identify normal and abnormal touching behaviors.

  4. Bystander Protecting Children from Boundary Violations: This training will teach you ways to intervene to reinforce a child’s boundaries with adults and other children. You will also receive examples of red flag behaviors and learn to make spontaneous and planned interventions.

  5. Talking With Children: Having age-appropriate, open conversations about our bodies, sex, and boundaries is an important step in protecting children. In this 30-minute training learn how to talk and listen to children about personal safety and sexual abuse.

  6. Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: The commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) is directly linked to child sexual abuse. Learn why preventing child sexual abuse is important to reducing the risk of children being sexually exploited.

  7. Protecting Children During a Crisis: We often develop strategies that help to prevent child sexual abuse under our existing circumstances. But what happens if those circumstances change? This training will help you navigate through the unusual circumstances you might face during times of crisis. This training will help you consider your current strategies, help you identify the new situation, and help you change your strategy.

To learn more about Darkness to Light visit


Northern Region Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Coalition

The Northern Region Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Coalition consists of individual, program, and agency representatives from both the public and private sector, coming together from seven counties in and around the Chicago/Cook County region of the state.


The goals of the Northern Region Child Sexual Abuse Prevention (NR CSAP) Coalition are to:

      1.  raise the visibility and level of dialogue about child sexual abuse within the 

           prevention community and the community at large; and

      2.  increase community awareness and local prevention education in order to engage

           communities to create a movement to help end child sexual abuse.


We all uniquely offer different approaches to one goal: Ending Child Sexual Abuse.


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