Network Meeting Dates:


Program Committee: September 10, 2018

Public Awareness and Community Development: TBD.

Policy and Advocacy:  TBD

Executive Committee: TBD

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Cluster Meeting Dates:

Central cluster: November 12, 2018

Chicago cluster: TBD

Northwest cluster: TBD

Suburban Cook cluster: November  9, 2018

Southern cluster: November 6, 2018

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Healthy Families Illinois

Healthy Families Illinois


The centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that home visitation programs are highly effective at reducing child maltreatment, especially among high risk families.


Healthy Families Illinois is a part of the Healthy Families America initiative. This highly regarded program of voluntary home visits for parents of at-risk newborns, works with parents and provides them with the tools and support to raise and nurture their children without physical or emotional violence. Currently, there are more than 50 Healthy Families sites in Illinois.Prevent Child Abuse Illinois has provided key leadership for the development of Healthy Families Illinois since 1994. Prevent Child Abuse Illinois has been instrumental in refining the statewide implementation strategy for Healthy Families Illinois, promoting the initiative, developing community interest, exploring funding options, providing home visitation workshops for professionals, and planning and implementing an annual recognition luncheon.Prevent Child Abuse Illinois has also been a key player in updating the strategic plan for Healthy Families Illinois and contributing to the implementation of that plan.


Healthy Families Illinois Network


What is the Healthy Families Illinois Network?  The HFI network is a support structure put in place in 1994 to  increase the number of HFI programs across the state of Illinois. It has continued to support program adherence to the model, professional development and support of program managers.  The network works with funders, program managers, community stakeholders, and the training institute to ensure effective home visiting services to families. 


The network is made up of the HFI Executive Committee, three sub committees, and regional cluster meetings. Learn more about committees, sub committees and regional cluster groups.

Stranded By The State
Ep. 6 - Home Visiting For Young Moms
Stranded By The State

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